Starting with the hangar  dimensions in mdf


The hangar walls made separately so that I can disassemble everything. The door is also already in place and is later driven by a linear actuator.


The rock house, also made of MDF, will be built into the rock wall later, so that it can be disassembled. It is also illuminated from the inside

Rock house in the primer and windows and windows mounted

Rock house above the hangar door on the supports.

Some molds from the girderbridge parts. I decided to copy them myself because otherwise it will be a costly affair

The back wall with the mounted bridge parts with magnets so that they can also be disassembled


The ceiling with the holes for the LED lighting, this is also removable


And further with the launch ramp this section also consists of a few parts, so I can transport it to conventions.The launcher will also be equipped with a linear actuator and then pushes the ramp up, also the fire damper works in this way

Testfit with the model

Testfit with the model in the hangar.

The hangar is almost ready, I installed the LED lighting

The inside of the hangar with the door opened, you can also see the linear actuator operating the door here

On the right picture you see the door closed and before that the plate on which the rocks are made, this then becomes the rock door,Also powered with an actuator.


Here is the part with the rock structure


The front with the polystyrene plate, on which the rock structure is made



The front plate with the applied plaster

The plate is notched and plaster is applied over it

The dome mold in foam                                                                              And test fit on the rock house

The front with the doom now painted, you get a nice rock effect

The back of the hangar door with the girderbrige parts on it


Work on the runway with the rocks and some vegetation and of course the palm trees in total 9 pieces

The runway is also made of different parts, this for disassembly possibility

The hangar complete with LED lighting and all the girderbridge parts, if I had to buy them all, it would have cost me a fortune

The whole display finished and placed in the NSC in lester.