This is the place were I want to show my work. What I do as a hobby.

As all people from my age I was an enormous fan of the THUNDERBIRDS in 1965 when it was shown on tv for the first time.The next day I  made  Thunderbird 2  from paper, at least as I thought it would look like. After that I made also a complete Tracy Island on the attic with house and the palm trees and ofcourse the swimming pool. I don't have pictures of them otherwise I would have shared them with you. I like science fiction movies were futuristic planes and models are used.

And I mean not cgi but the real handcrafted work like Derek Meddings did in the sixties.

I had never could have dreamed  that I would made models like this in the future. My models were used to for filming in the new episodes from THUNDERBIRDS 1965. The model of Thunderbird 2 which was 40 inches tall and I have made two miniature models Thunderbird 1  6 inches tall and Thunderbird 2   10 inches tall. And I was completely surprised that they asked me to make the models for these episodes. I could not even dream that this would happen.