Welcome to my website



    • My biggest hobby is making models and I have been doing this for a couple of years now.

    • I am not a professional builder but I try to make the models as good as possible.

    • I am so obsessed with building that I almost build as a professional. I try to make the models as accurate as the originals.

    • The models are all build from scratch.



The models that I have made are  models from Gerry Andersons  THUNDERBIRDS  from  1965

  • Thunderbird  1      24 inch tall

  • Thunderbird  2      40 inch tall

  • Thunderbird  3      29 inch tall

  • Thunderbird  3       5 feet 6 inch

  • Thunderbird  1       6 inch  tall

  • Thunderbird  2       10 inch  tall

I have a nice workshop what i have expand and finished in 2016 and is now about 32 square meters and that is  four times bigger as my first one.

I have all the tools for making the models.A lath for wood and anotherone for iron.

Also a bandsaw and a grinding maschine.My latest products that i have bought are a vacumpot and a vacumepump very usefull when you work with silicone and resin.To tear the air out off them and get a better result with molding the silicone and casting the resin.

Thunderbird 1 24 inches tall the model is made completely out of resin and has folding wings.By turning on the nosecone


The decals on my models i can cut by my self and can make them any size ore any font  i want.They are from very thin vinyl and can be in white or other  colors to.

This stand is for the horizontal flight.The aluminium rod  is attached to the hull of the model at the underside were the vertical thruster is.

Thunderbird 2

Model is made of epoxy and fiberglass.

The model is 40 inches long



It has costs me a very long time to get the shape wright from this beautifull design from Derek Meddings.With a little help off Martin Bower who has me send a sample from the color off this model ,thanks to him i had the change to put the wright color on.

The model is used for the new episodes from the Thunderbirds 1965 and the pictures are from the set



29 inch tall the model  has some detailing that also was on the 6 feet  studio model.

This model is made from resin and pvc tubing and also with some aluminium

The arms and the engines screwed to the hull so there was no glue needid


Interrested in one of these models contact me for price and details about building time and shipping costs.